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We are looking for you!

2021 started for us by sharing exciting news of our updated packaging, allowing us to keep our preservative-free products fresh longer. But the exciting news don’t stop there; we decided to have two brand ambassadors join us at Barks&Biscuits for this season.

This opportunity is completely free for you, and we would love to grow our community with real people and their dogs!

This is what you will receive:

  • We will send you 2 unreleased flavours of our biscuits with benefits free of charge for you to test out and review

  • Your pup will be featured on our Social Media accounts, as well as may be pictured in our shop or on our blog, with credit of course!

  • We will encourage engagement on your posts

  • Every ambassador receives a custom discount code to share with your friends and followers for 10% off everything whilst in the ambassador program.

  • You will receive a free bag of cookies per 10 uses of your custom code.

  • No purchase or sales required to qualify!

This is what you are bringing to the team:

  • You love treats and are enthusiastic about making healthy decisions for your dog.

  • You know that “sustainability“ means

  • Your Instagram profile is public; your feed is high quality and interactive with posts being made somewhat regularly. We get it, it's a busy year for everyone!

  • You reside in BC, SK or AB, Canada, with a shipping address in BC, SK or AB.

  • You follow @barks_and_biscuits on Instagram

  • You will use #barksandbiscuitsambassador and #biscuitswithbenefits on relevant posts and tag us

  • You are willing to actively engage and honestly share your opinion and give us feedback to improve.

  • There is no minimum follower amount needed!

And this is how it works;

Post a picture of your dog on your dog's public Instagram feed that represents your dog's character best. Tell us a little story about why you are a good fit for Barks&Biscuits, this could entail previous purchases from us, your sustainability journey, or something completely unrelated; We want you to be you and have fun =) Tag @barks_and_biscuits and #barksandbiscuitsambassador

Curious? Send us a DM on instagram @barks_and_biscuits

*We will contact the two ambassadors on February 1st via Instagram with all information*

**if no response within 24 hours, a new ambassador will be chosen, so make sure you clear receiving messages from us**

We are so excited to share this small business venture with you, and cannot wait to hear from you!

With Love&Biscuits,


at Barks&Biscuits

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