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Give a gift of kindness

This year has been challenging on every single one of us in many new ways.

It feels like a long year is coming to an end and with it we open new questions about an uncertain future.

But now more than ever it is important we turn inwards and reflect on what the Holidays are all about: Showing kindness and compassion, and helping each other out. That may mean for you to consider a small business during those trying times for your holiday shopping, instead of lining up for the big box stores. That may also mean, ordering food to the door of someone you know has trouble going to the store right now, or helping your not-so-tech-savvy neighbor setting up Zoom to see the Grandkids on Christmas morning.

We have decided to offer two Holiday themed variety packs to do our part: These giving baskets will hold tasty, homemade treats for your pup and their best furiend to share (or not to share at all - we don't judge!). But also, a portion of the proceeds from these packs will be going directly to animals in need. It really is two birds with one stone - or should I say two treats in one mouth?

The packs come in two different sizes and include an assortment of our homemade snacks, including our classic Tummy Treats, Training Treats and Peanut Butter Paws, as well as our seasonal Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice Pugs.

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