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Covid-19 updates

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

As everyone knows by now the novel Coronavirus caused a global shake up. For many people that meant losing their jobs, their security, the ability to see friends and family and participate in life the way they were used to. We want to take the time to reiterate what we already said.on our social medias: At Barks&Biscuits we want you to know that your health and safety is our biggest concern always but especially in these uncertain times. Rest assured we keep up with the hyiene protocol during, before and after the covid-19 epidemic. We do stay true though to our mission of sustainabily, therefore, we still do not use single-use plastics in packaging (like bubble wrap), production (like gloves) or storage of our products. We still produce and deliver via Canada Post as we did before, please note that the deliveries via post are slower than usual - the post workers are doing what they can to cover the growing demand.

Got any questions? Email us at or shoot us a message :) your Barks&Biscuits team

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