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Maui is a talented Miniature Australian Shepherd. He is super smart and loves learning new tricks or spending his time mastering Agility (seriously, watch his Stories; he is as fast as the Flash!). He enjoys being outside the most, summer or winter, rain or shine. Some of his favourite activities are going on bike rides and swimming. This adorable gentleman cannot get enough action - easy to say, he keeps his Pawrents busy!

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Dodge is a big adventure buddy with little legs. He is the happiest and friendliest Pembroke Welsh Corgi you will ever meet! It would be hard to think of something he doesn’t like. Living in Squamish, BC, surrounded by beautiful mountains. You can either find him on the trails or swimming at one of the local lakes or rivers. In the winter months, anywhere there is a good amount of snow, you will find him frolicking through it.


His Barkday is May 19th 2019.

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Willow is sweet as they come - she loves to say Hi to everyone!

Other than people, nothing makes her happier than roaming through fresh snow or rolling down mossy hills. Her love for the outdoors started early on when she rode up her first peak in her human's backpack at only 10 weeks old. Willow is an adventure pup with private photographer (humom).

Her Barkday is September 21st, 2021

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