Tummy Treats 100g
  • Tummy Treats 100g


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    Tummy treats help support your pups digestive health and support the urinary tract. It aids in immune support and promotes hearth, liver and vision health. The crunchy texture of Tummy Treats helps with your pup's oral care. All items are handmade to order: organic, zero-waste oriented, wheat-free, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, vegan.

    Recommended for medium size or big dogs.

    • Sweet Potato - high in dietary fiber, low in fat, contains Vitamin C and B6, rich in antioxidants (beta-carotene)
    • Pumpkin - high in dietary fiber, low in calories, helps aid urinary and digestive tract, rich in antioxidants (beta-carotene), contains Vitamin C and A
    • Turmeric - aids inflammation, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/anti-viral properties, promotes heart-, liver- and digestive health, contains anti-oxidants
    • Coconut Oil - improves digestion, improves skin and fur, delivers energy, immune support (MCT), lauric acid/capric acid/caprylic acid (anti-viral/anti-fungal/anti-bacterial), increases nutrient absorption
    • Apple Cider Vinegar - aids healthy digestion, supports stabilizing weight, and encourages a dog’s ability to absorb nutrients


    Please note that this is an all-natural product, so color differences between the cookies may occur. This is a treat and should be dispensed in moderation. Always keep fresh water available to your pup. Please contact your veterinarian for concerns regarding your dog's personal health history.


      sweet potato (dehydrated), pumpkin puree, organic coconut oil, organic apple cider vinegar, turmeric

      please keep the items constantly dry to avoid spoiling! Stores at room temperature up to 3 months, but best consumed fresh =) This may contain traces of gluten, corn, and potentially other allergens.




      Shipping in Canada ONLY. For pickup in Vancouver, BC, please message me before placing the order.

      NO refunds.

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