The Fresh Fruit Basket
  • The Fresh Fruit Basket

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    Like a stroll to the market but delivered straight to your door. Whether you're relaxing on the patio, or having a picnic at the beach, this set has all the full-sized summer favorites! The Fresh Fruit basket includes the entire limited cocktail edition as well as a fruity favorite. It comes with:

    • 1 bag of Blueberry Bites
    • 1 bag of Strawberry Fruit Punch
    • 1 bag of Puppercolada
    • 1 bag of Raspberry Mojito


    Summer is for fun adventures - make the most of it with delicious but healthy treats for your pup!


      All items are handmade to order, therefore, we can not offer returns at this point. If you find an issue with your order please send an email to


      Strawberry Fruit Punch: fresh strawberries, brown and white rice flour, organic flax seed, red beet powder

      Raspberry Mojito: fresh raspberries, organic coconut flour, water, organic coconut oil, fresh mint, organic apple cider vinegar

      Puppercolada: organic coconut flour, fresh pineapple, organic banana, organic coconut meat, organic coconut oil

      Blueberry Bites: fresh BC blueberries, organic coconut flour, organic banana, organic coconut oil, BlindOwl Vanilla