Pumpkin Spice Pugs 6pk

Pumpkin Spice Pugs 6pk


Did you know common pumpin spice flavors are harmful to dogs and cats? Pumpkin Spice Pugs are here to save your day! Enjoy your PSL with your pup by your side; Pumpkin Spice Pugs are naturally sweet (sugar free!), delicious and stuffed with health benefits, such as: support for digestive health and the urinary tract, aiding in immune support and promotes hearth, liver and vision health. The crunchy texture helps with your pup's oral care. One bag comes with 6 Pumpkin Spice Pugs!All items are handmade to order: organic, zero-waste oriented, wheat-free, gluten-free, vegan.Recommended for medium size or big dogs, or broken up for small pups.

  • pumpkin - high in dietary fiber, low in calories, helps aid urinary and digestive tract, rich in anti-oxidants (beta-carotene), contains Vitamin C and A
  • oats - full of omega-6 fatty acids, helps regulate blood sugar, contains dietary fiber
  • honey - naturally sweet and delicious, can soothe the throat and digestive system
  • ginger - soothes the digestive system and aids in nausea/ motion sickness, may aid in bloat and arthritis
  • cinnamon - aids in food digestion by improving palatability of food,blood sugar control, improves bad breath and fights bad bacteria, lowering cholesterol

Please note that this is an all-natural product, so color differences between the cookies may occur.This product contains raw honey: do not feed it to puppies under 3 months, immune compromised dogs, or dogs with extreme bee or pollen allergies.


    organic oats, organic pumpkin, organic fresh ginger, organic honey, organic cinnamon.

    please keep the items constantly dry to avoid spoiling! This may contain traces of gluten, corn, and potentially other allergens.


    Sorry, as the item is made to order no refunds or returns.


    Shipping in Canada ONLY. For pickup in Vancouver, BC, please message me before placing the order.

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